Google Trail

Google map to Garmin Custom Map Converter

Please use this tool for your personal purpose only. ESP for Trekking Purpose.

This is a Mapping tool for Garmin GPS device to create “Custom Map” from the Web maps like Google Map, Bing Map, Yahoo Map, Openstreet Map, Cloudemate Map.

Using this tool user can convert the web map to garmin custom map by selecting the area and zoom level intuitively.

Finally user can generate the optimized kmz file which can be used in the Garmin GPS device which supports the “Custom Map” feature.

User can edit their gpx file intuitively.

User can update their elevation data using the google map web service.

For further info refer documentation.

How to Create GPX File.doc
How to make Garmin GPS Device Custom Map From Web map.doc
Update GPX file elevation data using the Google Map.doc




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